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Intel Core i 11

latest technology of intel, core i 11

Intel’s Core i11 processors have entered the market to compete with the latest AMD products. These processors have many cores, but their high price poses a serious challenge to the buyer.

Core i11 processors have entered the market to compete with the ADM processor processor companies. These processors are the first new series of Core i products in the last 10 years. Like other important Intel products, the Core i11 family represents a new platform (not just a new processor); This new chipset is called X299 and uses a new socket called LGA2066 that is not compatible with previous processors. For the first time, the new platform also supports Core i3 (not officially approved by Intel) and Core i5 processors. In the past, to buy Core i3 and Core i5 processors, you had to buy a motherboard with an LGA 1151 socket; But if you wanted to buy a 6-core processor like the Core i7 6800K, you had to go for a motherboard with an LGA2011 V3 socket. This generation of processors are very good for wordpress and making websites.

Latest Technology Of Intel company

The 18-core Core i11 7980XE and 16-core Core i11 7960X processors have been tested by reputable sites, the only conclusion that can be drawn from these tests is that the 7980XE is without a doubt the most powerful processor. But AMD fans can challenge the $ 2,000 price of the 7980XE processor; But what is certain is that the 7980XE processor tops the list in single and multi-threaded tests.

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One of the points of this study is the use of processors with this number of cores. The large number of cores makes Core i11 processors suitable for multi-threaded tasks (such as playing, recording and streaming games) or creating content. Otherwise, AMD processors are a much lower priced solution (AMD processors win the price-performance ratio).

New Version of Android, Android 13

New Version of Android, Android 13
Latest Technology

Top features of Android 13

In this regard, we decided to examine best features of Android 13 to see what changes Google has made to its new operating system.

Lets take a look at the top movies that you should not miss.

1.Global Dark Mode

One of the best features of Android 13 is its support for global dark mode. This means that the dark state is no longer limited to some programs or parts of the operating system; Rather, the entire operating system space will be darkened after activating this mode.

If Dark Mode is of particular importance to you, and you are concerned that some third-party applications may not support this feature, Google has included an option in its operating system that you can force Dark Mode to enable.

2.Live Captions

One of the best and most useful features of Android 13 is called Live Captions. That way, if any video is playing on your phone, you will be able to watch the subtitle at the same time as what is said in the video.

The great thing about this feature is that it works offline. This means that you do not need to connect to the Internet to access video subtitles, and the user can also use this feature offline.

This feature is especially useful for people with hearing problems.